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What is Dog Beer?

Dog Beer is NOT human beer. Since alcohol, carbonation, and hops aren't dog-friendly ingredients, there is none of these things in dog beer. The element of beer in dog beer is the malt barley (wort) that is taken from the process of brewing beer. Dog beer is actually an all natural, very healthy and nutritious additive to a dog's diet. Made from local grass-fed beef bones/knuckles and free range chicken, it is full of amino acids, glycosaminoglycans, gelatin, and minerals.

Can other pets enjoy Dog Beer?

Absolutely! Just make sure you do your due diligence by reading the ingredient label on the bottle and google anything your pet may or may not consume. Even some dogs have allergies, so reading the ingredient label is good to do no matter what. The most basic beers will be the Irresistible Pooch Ale (Chicken) and Dubble Dog Dare Ya (Beef)

Where can I get Happy Dog Beer?

We are always expanding our list of retailers in different areas. Check out the "retailer" page to see where you can purchase near you. If there are no stores in your area that carry HDB, please send us a request and let us know which store you would like to see it in.

But for now, you can order online and visit our list of retailers. And the best part? FREE shipping!

Do you ship?

Yes! Business addresses are best, but we also ship to residential locations too. All SHIPPING is FREE!

What pack of beer should I get?

A 4-pack is perfect for a thank you gift for dog sitters, vets, etc… or a surprise birthday gift.

A 12-pack is a great gift if you have a few people in mind. It's also an option for your own pup to enjoy the healthy benefits on a regular basis.

A 24-pack is best for those who want to share amongst friends or if there is a big event going on, like a wedding or a birthday party. It's also a great option if you want to treat your pup on a regular basis.

Why won't my dog drink the beer?

We haven't run into many dogs who won't drink our brews. In fact, over 150 dogs have sampled Happy Dog Beer, and less than 5 dogs have sniffed and walked away. Dogs do have a pallet of their own. First, dogs tend not to drink when not thirsty. So, try it out when you know they are thirsty. You can also try pouring it over their regular meals. It provides added nutrients and works great to soften or add flavor to regular meals.

If they still don't drink, try gifting it to another dog. They will most likely enjoy.  It's not uncommon to hear from people, "I'm surprised, my dog is picky and he loved it!" We can't guarantee that all dogs have similar pallets. Please see below for more ideas..

What is the best way to serve HDB?

We recommend serving it at room temperature, shaken up really well, and poured over a normal meal (or by itself when your dog is thirsty). The whole bottle doesn't need to be poured all at once. 12 oz is a large amount of anything new, especially liquid. You can pour a bit and then store in the refrigerator for another meal or two. Just use it up with in a few days, to ensure freshness.


  • It can also be poured into ice trays or popsicle holders as a refreshing treat in the summer.  
  • Try heating it up with some dog friendly veggies and bits of meat to make a "soup" for your canine. 

Should I be concerned about the quality of ingredients in the beer...

Bender had digestive problems when he first started out in life. Therefore, he began to get picky about what he ate. He would eat wild berries, but turn his nose up to grocery store berries... he won't eat certain meats from other places, but does consume those bought locally or raised with no added hormones...It is strange, but true.

Therefore, the best that is affordable is placed in the beers at Happy Dog Beer Co. Beef for the Dubble Dog Dare Ya is sourced locally from an all grassfed cattle company nearby Bozeman. While the free-range chicken in the IPA has been slowly roasted for added flavor. We also filter the water that goes into each brew. And trust us, if Bender won't eat it, it doesn't go into the brew.

What is the shelf life of HDB?

Like anything for animals, the fresher the better (within 6 months). The process of how the beer is bottled should have a shelf life of a year or more, as long as it has been stored in a dark and cool location and no damage has been done of the cap. We recommend consuming within 6 months as this preserves nutrients as well as the flavor of the dog beer.

If there is residue on the bottom, it's just nutritious residue of collagen and bones. Please shake well before serving.

What is the nutritional value of Dog Beer?

Because the libation is made with free-range chicken and grass-fed beef bones, there is no worries of the harmful GMO hormones affecting our pets. Glucosamine, forming naturally within the bone marrow, is known to help with joint mobility. Real bone stock adds many other health benefits, such as preventing leaky gut, detoxing the liver, and boosting the immune system.

Saying this, there has not been any studies done on the beer, so please do not rely on it alone. If it seems to have helped your dog improve it's health, please contact us and let us know! We'd love to hear your story!

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