health benefits

A health-concious dog is a happy dog.


Our all-natural stock product has been designed so your dog doesn't consume anything unhealthy. Every ingredient (even the citric acid) plays an important role in pulling out more nutrients from the bones.


Bone stock holds a lot of glycosaminoglycans (one is glucosamine).  It also contains the well known compound chondroitin, which helps promote healthy joints in your dog!  


We all know that it's good to detox occasionally; bone stock helps the liver detox from all the pollutants that surround us and that are consumed. Many dog foods, drugs, vaccines, and antibiotics do a number on our dogs.  


Leaky gut -- enlarged holes from the intestines from stress, poor diet and bacterial overgrowth -- can possibly be avoided by consuming bone stock. 


Each Happy Dog brew is packed full of nutrients that help build up your dog's immune system. It's especially helpful for any sick or elderly dog. 


Help your dog stay hydrated with the help of the essential minerals and vitamins found in Happy Dog Beer.


happy dog beer creates healthy drinks for your dog's active and adventurous lifestyle

For more information about the difference between the benefits of stock, broth, and bone broth check out this article

Happy Dog is a combination of Broth, Stock, and Bone Broth. There is plenty of meat left on the bones, especially the chicken (broth requirement), but bones are cooked for a minimum of 3 hours (increasing the gelatin content). When cooked in a pressure cooker, it also breaks down the bones, providing a trace of bone minerals in the stock. 

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