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GastroPUP TRAILER, Bozeman MT

“In the summer time, when the weather is hot…”, you will find the GastroPUP Trailer wandering unleashed about town at events and farmer markets. Selling anything from our signature items, to PUPcakes, to frozen assorted treats like PUPcicles. Keep up with our events on our FB or Instagram pages. We also sell other items like t-shirts, hoodies, rescue harnesses, leashes/collars and toys!

TreaT CAFE- 1205 E Main St. Bozeman, Montana

At TreaT Cafe, you will find our signature cookies and bagged treats as well as pick up to go frozen PUPcakes and pre-made Barkday or Welcome Home Cakes. TreaT Cafe is a special place here in Bozeman, because it allows you to have your Furry Friends off leash while you sit and eat on the patio and even inside. You will also find “beer” for your furry friends from Happy Dog Beer Co. too!


Hand-crafted with love, quality and a twist of fun. Dogs and cats often beg, and for a good reason. They know good flavors and here at GastroPUP we deliver healthy, tasty treats and creations to suit a variety of diets and taste buds. Now, they won’t be begging for your food, they will beg for their own. “Woofle Wednesdays” will be served in the summer time for your dogs at TreaT Cafe! Where you both can enjoy a waffle!

The bulk of our treats are specially made with the best ingredients possible. NO harmful sugars, GMO, preservatives will be found here! We try to source local, organic and always high quality pet safe ingredients. Our dyes are from fresh veggies and fruit. Local eggs, organic grain and grain free flours. Our treats are high protein and full of good nutrients for your furry friends.

PUP cakes

PUP cakes

Woofle Wednesdays coming soon…at TreaT Cafe

Woofle Wednesdays coming soon…at TreaT Cafe



Our signature PUPcakes and celebration cakes are available at TreaT Cafe in the frozen section.

BUT…, for that special occasion: barkdays, weddings, anniversary, adoption, football season, after or before surgery, or ‘just cause’ day… you can place an order and have it customized for your pooch! We use organic fruit for dyes and can place a favorite toy or place the cake on a frisbee... Email us for more info and quote.